Friday, April 17, 2009

VUHoops, IBBW: Ranks Villanova Class of 2013 As #1 in Nation

To the Villanova Wildcats faithful-

As we await the latest rumors about the future of Scottie Reynolds at Villanova, vis-a-vis the NBA draft, there is a great deal of solace in terms of the players who will be arriving on Villanova's campus this fall.

For those of you who are passionate about recruiting, VUHoops and IBBW both have posts discussing the sky-high stock of Jay Wright's incoming Class of 2013:

VUHoops noted the primacy of Rivals' ranking in Rivals Class of 2009 Final Ranking , while at I Bleed Blue and White, one of the team of publishers wrote in Rivals 2009 Recruiting Team Rankings:
I always find it interesting to see where different people and websites rank certain teams, because sometimes, a school could be ranked very high in one person’s top recruiting classes, but not even on another person’s list. Obviously, this is not the case for Villanova’s 2009 recruiting class. The soon-to-be freshmen ‘Cats are on everyone’s list, which indicates they are really really good.
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