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Final Four: Villanova/North Carolina Preview, Part 3 - Comparing The Teams' Rotation/Depth

To the Villanova Wildcats faithful-

Before I get started on the Tar Heels' key players, I've already posted a great deal of content on Villanova/North Carolina, and so here's a concise collection of the links thus far (and there will be more...) Enjoy...
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Part 3 - Final Four: Villanova/North Carolina Preview - North Carolina Tar Heels Reserves

The Wildcats have a fairly deep rotation, with eight players who regularly see action and can be considered battle-tested (this list is not in order of importance):
  1. Scottie Reynolds
  2. Corey Stokes
  3. Corey Fisher
  4. Dante Cunningham
  5. Shane Clark
  6. Dwayne Anderson
  7. Reggie Redding
  8. Antonio Pena
That's actually a very high number. Even the clear eighth man, Pena, has started earlier in his career and has demonstrated that he can even score if necessary. It's hard to tell if the Tar Heels have a clear advantage off the bench, since although Roy Williams uses more players, they have many lopsided wins in which more players see action.

In what is potentially an ominous sign for the Wildcats, the Tar Heels have crushed all four of their NCAA tournament opponents, making it difficult to determine which players would have seen action, if the games had been close. I looked at the ACC tournament games, which were closer, but due to the minutes being spread out so much, it was difficult to draw any clear conclusion. But that having been said-

Here's a look at the four most important Tar Heels off the bench, three of whom are McDonald's All-Americans:

Ed Davis - #32 - 6/10 - Freshman - Forward

Davis, a McDonald's All-American, who scores 8.4 points/game and pulls down 6.8 rebounds/game, leads the team in blocks and is the main frontcourt reserve.

Bobby Frasor - #4 - 6/3 - Senior - Point Guard

Frasor, who started at the point as a freshman and was named to the All-ACC rookie team, had logged 38 starts entering this season. However, he suffered a serious knee injury in late December last season. As a battle-tested point guard, he is a good option for Roy Williams should Ty Lawson suffer another injury or sink into foul trouble.

Larry Drew II - #11 - 6/1 - Freshman - Guard

Drew, also a McDonald's All-American, averages 9.8 minutes, 1.5 points, and 2.0 assists a contest. With two point guards having potential injury problems, the freshman is yet another option for Williams in the backcourt.

Tyler Zeller - #44 - 7/0 - Freshman - Forward

Zeller - yet another McDonald's All-American, has appeared in only nine games this season, but has seen action in the NCAA tournament and provides another big man off the bench for Williams - something unavailable to Jay Wright.

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