Why Are Villanova Teams Called the Wildcats?

Why was the name "Wildcats" chosen, as the nickname for Villanova athletics teams?

Here is the conclusive history:

The following announcement of the adoption of the nickname "Wildcats", was made in the May 1926 issue of The Villanovan.  (Yes, it really did exist, way back then, although only once a month...)  It read:


The name "Wildcats" is the official nickname of all the athletic teams that represent Villanova.  The name was adopted by the vote of the student body after a contest for a suitable name had been conducted by the class of '26.  The name Wildcats was suggested by Edward Hunsinger, the assistant coach of football.

The name "Wildcats" is meant to convey the fighting spirit, alertness and skill of the animal chosen in vanquishing its enemies.  This is the spirit of the Villanova athletic teams, whether upon the gridiron, diamond, or track.  In victory or defeat the dogged determination to win is always present, with the fighting spirit and alertness of the "Wildcat".


That's the story, according to the archives of The Villanovan, found in Falvey Memorial Library.