Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Question of Reynolds Leaving Villanova For the NBA

To the Villanova Wildcats faithful-

This question - namely, whether Scottie Reynolds - the now-legendary hero of the Elite Eight victory over Pittsburgh, will be headed to the NBA...

Obviously, we in the fan base would vastly prefer, that Reynolds return for his senior season. The old aphorism about lightning never striking twice might be true, but as long as Reynolds comes back, there is least a slight possibility-

that he might hit an additional, dramatic, thrilling buzzer-beater to catapult the Wildcats into another Final Four. (Or even better yet, another national championship.)

This question, understandably, has generated a great deal of commentary on the fine Villanova blogs on the right sidebar...

VUHoops has concisely titled its own post The Scottie Situation, writing that:
If Reynolds is guaranteed some money by an NBA team, I have no problems with him taking off. Scottie has been a gift to Villanova Basketball and I would never hold him back if he was able to get major $ elsewhere. He really owes ‘Nova nothing at this point.

With that said, there are some downsides to doing this. First, of course, there is the increased possibility of an injury. Besides that, the only other concern is that a bad performance in training sessions can taint the view that some NBA scouts and GMs may hold of a player into the future.

Villanova will be a Top 5 team to start the 2009-10 Season if Reynolds is at the helm. Without him? The squad would probably be ranked in the high teens-low twenties. When Scottie does return to the Main Line next year, he will work on his game and he will continue to leave his mark as a Wildcat.

Go take a look... meanwhile-

Brian, one of the team at I Bleed Blue and White, has the following to say on Reynolds, in "Villanova NBA Draft Declarations?" - with the question mark being a key element:

Today, I heard through a grapevine that Villanova’s Scottie Reynolds and Corey Fisher will declare for the NBA Draft, but not hire agents. I have looked for articles and what not to confirm this, but have found nothing.

All I can say is the source where this news is coming from would definitely know if players were going to declare. With that said, again, nothing is confirmed and no official decisions have been made yet.
Check those blogs out, as well as the other Villanova blogs on the sidebar, to read and learn more about the issues involving a potential early departure for Reynolds...

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Anonymous said...

I have been very upset at some of the garbage that is being put forth regarding Scottie Reynolds, especially the ones that say ....the team would be better without him. Scottie has been the heart and soul of the Nova squad since he "fell into their lap". Anyone who truly knows basketball can see how much he contributes to this team and what a pivitol part he has played in the Big East and the run to the Final Four. If he leaves for the NBA, he leaves a gap in Nova's program that will take a long time to fill. If you put him down, then you know nothing about basketball except how to read final scores. If Scottie leaves this year he will be sorely missed but I want the young man who has given so much of himself to Villanova, to do what's in his best interest. I hope he stays for his senior year but if he decides not to, then I wish him God's speed. Chas

Villanova Viewpoint Publisher said...


Thanks for visiting Villanova Viewpoint, and for leaving a comment. Comments - positive or negative - are always encouraged.

I certainly agree that Villanova is infinitely better off with Scottie Reynolds, than without him. If Reynolds were to leave this year, along with the graduating Dante Cunningham, Villanova's two main scoring options would be gone, in addition to Dwayne Anderson and Shane Clark.

All of those departures would represent a loss of a great deal of Villanova's offense, one that almost certainly couldn't be replaced in a single year, no matter how good the incoming freshman class turns out to be.

At the same time, Reynolds needs to do what's in his long-term best interest, and if he feels that he's better served by leaving for the NBA, I find that entirely understandable.