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Villanova Featured Three Times by CBS's One Shining Moment in 2008; Reynolds, Wildcats to Appear Prominently in Tonight's Version, post -UNC/MSU

To the Villanova Wildcats faithful-

The Villanova Wildcats were featured in three different shots of CBS's One Shining Moment in 2008. In addition to that YouTube video, here's a great link:

This is an article about the passing of the song's creator and the origins of the song One Shining Moment. It's very worthwhile reading, and I give it my highest recommendation. You can also just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to see the 2008 One Shining Moment YouTube clip - the author starts out with the link to 1987, since he's an Indiana fan, and he has 2008 all the way at the bottom of the page.

Of the three Villanova appearances in the 2008 version-
  1. At 0:20-21, It's hard to tell the exact number, but I believe it's Will Sheridan tipping off against Clemson in the first round of last year's tournament, in which #12 Villanova upset the #5 Tigers, while making an incredible comeback to do so... Corey "The Bayonne Bomber" Stokes is, ironically, in better view from that angle (that moniker coming courtesy of 6ABC, when Reggie Redding took the mike from reporter Jamie Apody and interviewed his teammates, while in Detroit for the Final Four earlier in the week...)
  2. At 1:15-16, Dwayne Anderson gallantly defends a two-on-one break in Villanova's disastrous loss to Kansas, the eventual winner, in the Sweet 16... Russell Robinson lobs it to Brandon Rush, who dunks it...
  3. At 2:23-29, Kansas inbounds the ball under the Villanova basket, with Stokes - again - guarding the inbounder. And the ball is inbounded on a lob to Darrell Arthur, who dunks on the set play over three Wildcats, with Scottie Reynolds nearly being crushed underneath him.

While it was great to last long enough in the tournament long enough to be featured three times, I think we'll all enjoy this year's version considerably more than last year's. So make sure you watch One Shining Moment this evening after the North Carolina/Michigan State game, as Villanova's thrilling, euphoric victory over Pittsburgh was clearly the best game of the tournament thus far, as radio commentator Whitey Rigsby said on Saturday.

Accordingly, it is almost certain that Scottie Reynolds will have a starring role in this year's One Shining Moment... one in which his prominence - and that of his Villanova teammates - will have a far more prominent role than in last year's One Shining Moment....

Go Wildcats!

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