Friday, May 08, 2009

Hat Tip to VUHoops: NCAA Lauds Villanova Wildcats For Their Outstanding Academic Performances

To the Villanova Wildcats faithful-

As graduation approaches, I've been doing the Senior Farewells to our quartet of seniors - Dante Cunningham, Shane Clark, Frank Tchuisi, and Dwayne Anderson.

And in that spirit, it is apparent that Villanova has done its usual incredible job at keeping the "student" in that oft-bandied-about term, "student-athlete". As alumni, we're always very happy to hear that the school is maintaining its sterling academic reputation.

VUHoops has a great post up, on some great news on that front. So I'd like to extend a hat tip to them for finding a good story.The authors describe how the Villanova Wildcats athletic program has now won considerable public recognition, from the NCAA, for the school's high-level academics:

The Villanova Wildcats led all 16 Big East programs in Academic Progress Rates.

And it wasn't just men's basketball - football, women's basketball and softball, men's golf, swimming, and lacrosse were all lauded as well...
I learned a great deal about the NCAA's benchmarks and metrics for this supremely important aspect of the lives of student-athletes, and I'd encourage you to check their story out...

Key excerpt:

Football, Men’s Lacrosse, Men’s Golf, Men’s Swimming, Women’s Basketball, and Women’s Softball also won the award for their APRs.

Villanova led the Big East Conference APR for Men’s Basketball with an astounding 985.

Of course, check back for the latest posts in the Senior Farewell series, in which I'll be looking back at the Villanova tenures of each of the four departing Wildcats...

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