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Frank Tchuisi Senior Farewell - Arrival, Freshman and Sophomore Seasons

To the Villanova Wildcats faithful-

This is the first half of the Frank Tchuisi
Senior Farewell, in which I'll be discussing his arrival, freshman, and sophomore seasons...

Here are the previous entries, as I recapped Shane Clark's Villanova tenure:

After Tchuisi's entries, I'll be following it up in subsequent posts, for fellow seniors Dante Cunningham and Dwayne Anderson...

Frank Tchuisi's Arrival

Frank Tchuisi's homeland, linguistics, and academic acumen make his personal story one of the most interesting of any player in Villanova's storied history... He was a valuable practice player for one of the most successful eras in that storied history, and was a member of the class which has won more games than any other...

Tchuisi (pronounced "Twee-see") is from Douala, Cameroon, and is fluent in five languages, including French and German. After emigrating to America in 2002, he played at the noted New Jersey basketball power St. Benedict's Prep, under coach Danny Hurley, which went 28-1 during one particular season. That year, Tchusi averaged nine points, eight rebounds and five blocks for the school...

The 2005-06 media guide, introducing Tchuisi, described him as such:
This gifted athlete brings size and shot blocking to the interior... Looking to gain physical strength for the battles in the Big East... An improving offensive player...
It also mentioned Tchuisi's academics:
Received an academic excellence award and was an honor student...
and a quote from Jay Wright:
Frank is a very long, athletic defensive player who continues to improve offensively. He brings a passion for the game to our team.
Although, throughout his career, Tchuisi's minutes were generally limited to those allotted for walk-ons, he was, in fact, a scholarship player. He is a superb example of an increasingly rare phenomenon- a scholarship player who is used primarily as a practice player. He was happy to serve as a role player, for the greater benefit of the team as a whole, and that makes him one of the most laudable members of a Villanova Wildcats squad, that will go down in history as among the most memorable.

Frank Tchuisi's Freshman Season - 2005-06

Tchuisi played a total of 21 minutes, in eight games, as a freshman. It was arguably Wright's best team: the one that reached the Elite Eight, before losing to the eventual winner, Florida.

During those 21 minutes, Tchuisi, unfortunately, did not score any points, or take any shots of any kind. However, he did have a pair of offensive and defensive rebounds, an assist, four blocks, a steal, two personal fouls, and one turnover.

Tchuisi made his Villanova debut against Stony Brook, on November 18, 2005, playing five minutes (as it turned out, his high for the season). He had a blocked shot against the Seawolves. The game is memorable for the score, since the Wildcats held Stony Brook to just 35 points, triumphing 78-35. The rest of the season:
  • Four minutes against Lehigh, in which he collected his two defensive rebounds, blocked a shot, and committed one foul.
  • Three minutes against Rider, in which he collected his two offensive rebounds, committed a turnover, and committed one foul.
  • Two minutes against Longwood - one assist.
  • Four minutes against La Salle - one blocked shot.
  • One minute against Temple - one blocked shot.
  • In his Big East debut, against St. John's - one minute, no entries.
  • One minute against Rutgers - no entries.
Frank Tchuisi's Sophomore Season - 2006-07

Tchuisi's minutes and appearances increased as a sophomore. He logged a total of 35 minutes, up from 21, and appeared in 13 games, up from eight.

Tchuisi also scored the first five points of his career, averaging 0.4 points/game for the season. He ultimately shot 1-5 from the floor, did not take a three-point shot, and went 3-4 from the foul line. He had three rebounds, two on the offensive end, averaging 0.2 rebounds/game. He committed four fouls and two turnovers, and blocked one shot.


  • Set a career-high in minutes by playing nine minutes against Northwood on Nov. 11, 2005. He was 0-2 from the floor (the first shots of his career), had an offensive rebound and a turnover.
  • One minute against the College of Charleston - no entries.
  • Scored the first points of his career against Iowa - as the media guide puts it:
Recorded the first points of his career with a put-back bucket in an 89-60 win against Iowa on Nov. 20 in the U.S. Virgin Islands...
  • Eight minutes - the second-most of his career - against Stony Brook - one personal foul.
  • Took the first free throws of his career against Penn, making both - and also blocking two shots - all in just a single minute.
  • One minute against Oklahoma - no entries.
  • Five minutes against Rider - one defensive rebound, one personal foul.
  • Three minutes against La Salle - one of two free throws, one personal foul.
  • One minute against Temple - no entries.
  • One minute against Texas - no entries.
  • One minute against St. Joseph's - one turnover.
  • Two minutes against Cincinnati - no entries.
  • Two minutes against Rutgers - no entries.
Check back for the look at Tchuisi's junior and senior seasons, as well as for the latest posts in the Senior Farewell series.... There will be subsequent looks at the Villanova tenures of fellow seniors Dante Cunningham and Dwayne Anderson...

Go Wildcats!

Of course, check back for the latest posts in the Senior Farewell series, in which I'll be looking back at the Villanova tenures of each of the other three departing Wildcats...

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