Monday, March 09, 2009

Various Viewpoints: Chris at IBBW Repeats His Win of Award From CBSSports BlogPoll

To the Wildcat faithful-

More Various Viewpoints:

Chris at I Bleed Blue and White continues to post frequently; his most recent offerings include:
IBBW's participation in the Big East roundtable discussion created by Pico (of The East Coast Bias)... greyCat at VBTN was also there... Showing that IBBW is about the most accurate name possible for his blog, Chris proudly reveals that:
Villanova comes in at #11, which is exactly where they were ranked last week. Despite my best efforts to move them up, it appears as if the bloggers still feel like Kansas and Duke are better options... As promised, I finished first again for the Coulter/Kos Award for most biased voter, although the Illinois bloggers who run Making The Dance gave me a run for my money.
Read Chris's entire description below in: Even in the polls that Chris lacked the opportunity to bias in Villanova's favor, he nonetheless reports on the Wildcats' improvement in both: and he congratulates Dante Cunningham and Corey Fisher on their awards... Go Wildcats!

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