Friday, February 27, 2009

Various Viewpoints on Villanova/Georgetown - and the Prolific

To the Wildcat faithful-

To see a great informative post from a Georgetown perspective - there is never a better place to go than, one of the best Big East sites... Read their full pre-game report here. A key excerpt, including a tribute to the invaluable CBS analyst Clark Kellogg, who called our game with Syracuse on Sunday...

Some keys to the game:

1. The Hoop and The Harm: Look for Villanova to exploit Georgetown up the middle and get to the line, where they remain one of the conference's best teams.

2. Bench Production: Villanova owned a 25-4 edge on DePaul in bench scoring Wednesday night. Georgetown must get better point production from Jessie Sapp, Jason Clark, and Julian Vaughn.

3. Austin Freeman: Freeman's scoring has been steady but unspectacular in February. Could he take off with a big game Saturday?
Also, go get the full roundup on the upcoming game with Georgetown as well other long-term issues, from the other Villanova sites:

VUHoops has been particularly prolific, with a game preview - "Game 25: vs Georgetown" - on Friday, in addition to four Thursday posts... One is a great summary of other stories in "Thursday Links"... it notes the prestigious honor bestowed on Dante Cunningham in "Dante Named Finalist for Oscar Robertson Award"... (although nobody should get their hopes up, as Slumdog Millionaire will likely beat out Dante)... Speculation on 'Nova's double-bye hopes in "Earning a DoubleBye in the Big East Tourny"... and Mike Gilchrist in "Recruiting: Mike Gilchrist '11"...

Pete at Let's Go 'Nova asks readers: "Is 'Nova in a Downward Spiral?" , in reference to the latest from greyCat at Villanova by the Numbers: "Performance vs Expectations"... Pete also has mustered some key support for his pro-Corey Fisher position from Tim in "Nova News agrees on Fisher PT". (Note the proper use of the Dick Vitale nomenclature in the headline.) Here's the 'Nova News original post - "Something Smells Fishy"...

I Bleed Blue and White warns, in Paul Reveresque terms: "Blogger Beat: The Hoyas Are Coming"... in an interview with HoyaHoops - at the latter site, Tony discusses the rocky Georgetown season in the context of Superman II in "Final Verdict", by comparing the fate of Jack the Bulldog to that of General Zod...

Go Wildcats!

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