Monday, February 16, 2009

Pete's West Virginia Grades From Let's Go 'Nova Blog

Pete has issued his grades for individual Wildcats over at Let's Go 'Nova for the West Virginia game.... Here are my thoughts on his grades... note that he also explains the reasoning for all of his grades over on his site, in considerable detail, so check them out...

Hello, Pete-

My recap for WVU is up now...

My thoughts on your grades...
Fisher A-
Clark D-
I strongly disagree here. Clark played reasonably well in a game that the two stars did not. He ended up with seven points, five boards and one turnover in 29 minutes, on 2-5 shooting, making the only triple he attempted. I don't think that's a D-. I would go as far as to give him a C+, C at the lowest. He's a role player, and he played his role competently.

That having been said, I recognize that not everything shows up in the box score. Defense isn't measured very well, because it only shows up in steals, blocks, and rebounds, and there's no way where you can tell whether someone gives up open jumpers (or how many). I think that your criticisms of him are very well thought-out and intelligent, even if I don't agree with them.
Stokes - B
Agreed. I might have gone B+, but think that either is fair.
Reynolds - D+
Cunningham - C-
Agreed. I think that the higher grade for him is justified b/c ultimately, DC stayed in the game (he ended up w/ only 3 PFs, ironically, after getting two in the opening minutes), and his shooting wasn't bad, and he rebounded. For 'Nova to win, he has to rack up some more points and boards, and not turn the ball over so much; this could be a C...
Anderson - B-
I'd go with a B+ here. Anderson was injured and played pretty well (I singled him out for praise in my post)….He brought what he had to the table.
Redding - C-
I would have gone with C+ (as you can see, I'm a more generous grader across the board). But he fouled out in a game where the two stars were in foul trouble and one player was injured, and he needed to stay on the floor. So I can see that C-.
Pena - D
I'd probably say C-, for his 4-4 from the line, the fact that he didn't foul out, and he only had one turnover. I agree completely that for a role player who role is to rebound, he has to get some rebounds if he's on the floor for 18 minutes, especially with DC on the bench for as long as he was.
Tchuisi/Colenda - incompletes

Thoughts are welcome...

Go Wildcats!

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