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One Shining Moment Montage 2008 CBS - Identifying the Shots, Frame by Frame

To the Wildcat faithful-

I had previously noted the presence of various Wildcats in the classic CBS "One Shining Moment" montage...  and the thought occurred to me, that it might be interesting to do it for the entire song.  I have tremendous respect for CBS's NCAA tournament coverage...  Obviously, what you see below is not perfect, but it's the best that I can do at the moment...

From 2008 - "One Shining Moment" - recorded by Luther Vandross - about 3 minutes, 8 seconds:

Ball bouncing along the NCAA logo on court
Tennessee dog mascot
North Carolina fans
Texas cheerleaders
Baylor Bear and cheerleaders
Indiana fans dancing
What I believe is the UCLA band playing instruments - blue and yellow tie-dyed shirts
Notre Dame Leprechaun doing somersaults and bowing to the crowd
Little kid from Pitt cheering
Two little kids in stands, dancing for Arkansas
Butler cheerleaders blowing kisses
Duke Blue Devil and cheerleaders
Tiger mascot, can't tell who though
Texas A&M band percussion section
Blue and white cheerleaders doing backflips - may be Duke, but can't conclusively tell
Xavier players
Hands on ball
Arkansas Razorback flag being carried
Blue-clad pep band
Players in a circle - can't identify team - may have been Duke or possibly Pitt
Another team in a circle - red warmups
Player's face
Tip-off Villanova/Kansas, I believe, Sweet 16
Another tip-off, player in an orange jersey
Players running - a North Carolina game, since some of the sneakers were light blue, some were red; most likely this was the Elite Eight win over Louisville, whose colors are red and white.  Although it could be Washington State in the Sweet 16, since their color is crimson
Davidson - Stephon Curry
Somebody dunking - can't tell yet
Blue and gold player running into scorer's table, trying to corral a loose ball
Kansas Jayhawk going out of bounds to save a ball (can tell by the Jayhawk on the side of the shorts)
Western Kentucky player stopping to shoot
Carolina Tar Heel shooting three-pointer
Player in white uniform with maroon trim shooting
Three-pointer going down
Jim Phelan, coach of Mt. Saint Mary's - "all these years"
Two opposing players diving for a ball
Another guy diving for a ball
Butler player scooping up a loose ball while white-jerseyed opponent slides out of bounds under the basket; appears to be Tennessee.  Those teams did play that year - in the second round, UT won won 76-71...
Texas A&M #32 getting pumped
Georgetown (at least a gray jerseyed player, dunking, his number is just too small to conclusively identify - against a team with black and gold jerseys - I believe this was UMBC, which has those colors; that was a #2/#15 game in the first round
Texas #5 dunking
Red and black clad cheerleader with back to the camera - I think this was a Davidson cheerleader
Oklahoma #11
UMBC Retriever clapping
Red-jerseyed player diving
West Virginia cheerleaders and Mountaineer with musket, pumping fist
Two fans with orange hats with an "L"
Guy with the basketball glasses
Ball in slow motion rolling in - "frozen in time"
Orange and white jerseyed players embracing - I think that I can see a "T" for Tennessee, or Texas
Glum player in dark jersey
UConn player #12 being helped off court by teammates - #34 on left and can't tell on right
UConn player looking disgusted, pushing arm over head
Angry coach in a game with red and white jerseys
Washington State cheerleader winking / "in the blinking of an eye"
Backboard Dartronic clock counting down, 0:00:03-02-01-00 / "that moment's gone"
Drake #5 with hands behind head, looking dejected, after the #5 seed lost to #12 Western Kentucky, in first round, 101-99
Purdue player in dark jersey, looking dejected on bench
Kansas State players in dark jerseys looking dejected - can't quite find double-digit number on left player, right player wearing #1 - they were a #11 seed, lost to #3 Wisconsin in second round
Agitated UCLA coach Ben Howland
One teammate consoling another - wearing gold uniforms with green trim on bench, one guy with a towel over his head with his head covering face
Belmont player - appears to be #2 - walking off floor with teammate after Belmont - the #15 seed - lost to #2 Duke in first round, 71-70, in Washington, DC
Red jersey black trim player being hugged by coach
Kansas #3 jersey shooting over Villanova Wildcat, as #25 dunks on him
Memphis #1 cheering, with Memphis cheerleaders in background
Cheerleader - gold and black
Three Marquette Golden Eagles in white jerseys on bench - middle player is #41 - right player is #5, can't tell for sure - #10 giving someone a kiss.  This was their victory in the #6/#11 game against Kentucky, the only game in which Marquette was the higher seed; they lost in the second round.
Blue clad cheerleader
George Mason mascot - big green thing  - with guy in a white suit, dancing
Southern California cheerleaders
Xavier player in white headband
Xavier player in white jersey, saying "One Shining Moment" for the camera, after game ends, and pulling up Xavier jersey; #3 seed Xavier had three white-jerseyed wins, before losing to UCLA in Elite Eight
Memphis players linking arms and swaying on the bench
Davidson #23 pumping fist for camera - as Georgetown #4 walks slowly behind him 
Davidson #2 and #30 doing body jump and bump
Woman lifting arms in celebration
Three-pointer shot against UConn, from angle behind basket
Dark-jerseyed players celebrating, pouring off the bench
North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough dunking, from angle directly overhead the basket
Coach - apparently Kansas coach Bill Self - looking frustrated and hitting floor
White-jerseyed Texas Longhorn trying to engage crowd by gesturing arms
Arizona Wildcat #0 blue jersey pumping fist, opponent running behind him
West Virginia Mountaineer player in blue jersey looking somber
Memphis Tiger player exulting with raised arms
Three-pointer from corner good
Three-pointer from opposite corner good - #11 Xavier in white jersey
Davidson's Stephon Curry driving to basket, getting an "and one" call, apparently against Wisconsin, whom they played in the Sweet 16, as the opponents seem to have white jerseys with red trim and no name on back
Curry celebrating and looking to heaven
Shot of Stanford against Marquette, with Stanford scoring on floater that rattles in
Marquette players in dark jerseys on bench looking dejected; this was during their 82-81 loss in the second round to #3 Stanford, in overtime
Stanford #11 exulting, wtih Marquette #12 in background
Western Kentucky #1 lining up to take three-pointer from right side - he drains it, and starts celebrating, as teammate grabs him by his jersey
UCLA #0 in white jersey dunking on breakaway
2:14 West Virginia #43 on bench, covering his face with his dark jersey
Texas A&M dark jersey sitting on floor in fetal position; the #9 Aggies lost to the #1 seed, the UCLA Bruins, in the second round, 52-51.
Cal State-Fullerton players on bench; the #14 seed lost to #3 Wisconsin in the first round.
Rameses, the North Carolina ram mascot
A Memphis player, I think...
Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt clapping
Memphis #23 showing his jersey
Memphis #3 making a spectacular dunk
Kansas introductions
Kansas dunking over Scottie Reynolds, from under-the-basket inbounds play
Jayhawk mascot giving OK sign to camera
Memphis #5 dunk
Memphis player shouting
Then-Memphis coach John Calipari yelling, during game with UCLA
Kansas #15 pumping
Kansas #24 yelling (Sascha Kaun, I believe)
Jump ball between Kansas and Memphis in title game - #5 for Memphis - Dizier?
Flashbulbs popping throughout crowd
Memphis #22 layup, guarded by Kansas #15 - "and one"
Kansas #15 shooting three-pointer
Kansas #5 dunking, on lob from #15
Kansas #4 exulting
Bill Self with both arms and up and index fingers extended
Kansas #10 and redhaired guy celebrating
Chalmers/#15 hugging someone while wearing title hat
Jayhawks encircled, bouncing
Chalmers extending jersey as confetti falls from the proverbial rafters, then arms raised
Jayhawks gathered around, holding NCAA Tournament Championship Trophy over heads

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