Friday, March 09, 2007

Villanova Viewpoint Has Moved - Please Visit the Vastly Expanded!

Big News!!!

Villanova Viewpoint is happy to announce, that in order to serve its readers better, it has expanded to its own web site:

Since we are in the middle of March, here is how the transition from this web log to the new site will be handled: will be used, exclusively for the time being, for NCAA bubble/seeding speculation, and Villanova's NCAA previews and recaps. Eventually, after the 2006-07 season is over, the archive of stories from the 2006-2007 season and 2005-2006 season will be transferred to


Until announced otherwise, if you are interested in reading any stories/recaps from either 2006-07 (up to and including the Big East tournament) and/or 2005-06, please continue to visit this web log. Please continue to visit the archive for those stories, until an announcement is made that the archives have been transferred (and that announcement will be many weeks in the future, so please continue to come here for archived material for a very long time.)

If you are interested in reading the best, most comprehensive coverage of Villanova in the NCAA tournament, please visit the new site:

If you have any questions about the transition, please e-mail this address:

Thanks for visiting the Villanova Viewpoint Web Log, and please visit the new As always, comments, criticisms, etc., are always welcomed.

Questions? Comments? Information? Would you like to be notified via e-mail when has been updated? You can e-mail

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