Thursday, November 30, 2006

Up on Long Island, Wildcats Steamroll Stony Brook, 72-44

by Craig Dimitri

The Wildcats made a rare trip to a minor-conference opponent on Thursday, November 30, traveling up to Long Island (where Jay Wright coached for several years at Hofstra), to take on the Stony Brook Seawolves. The game was noteworthy for the locals, as the big-time Villanova name brought upon a sellout of the Seawolves' 16-year-old venue - only the second time it has ever been sold out for a Seawolves game.

Unfortunately, the crowd was disappointed, as their dreams of a huge upset did not materialize. Villanova led 42-18 at halftime - and had they not scored a single point in the second half, they still almost would have won - as the final was 72-44. Three Wildcats scored in double figures - Curtis Sumpter (14 points), Shane Clark (11 points), and Dante Cunningham (10 points). The Seawolves managed no double-digit scorers, as three players each finished with eight points.

Villanova improved to 5-1 overall, while the Seawolves sank to 3-4.

The Wildcats will return to Philadelphia on Saturday, December 2, to open City Series play with Penn at the Palestra.

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